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Monday, 26 March 2012

John Hopkins University - Oxford University Hertford College Carroll Institute Chair of Irish History - Homewood House Campus CRUCIBLE Carroll Annapolis Maryland Trust - US Capitol Historical Society + Daniel Carroll of Duddington Estate * US National Treasures Seizures Theft "Forensics Files" - STATE OF MARYLAND GOVERNOR = CARROLL HOUSE ANNAPOLIS MARYLAND TRUST = THE "FOUNDING FATHERS" OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA = NATIONAL TREASURE - FBI Director Criminal "Standard of Proof" Prosecution "Forensics Files" - DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE * CHARLES CARROLL OF CARROLLTON "THE SIGNER" + ARCHBISHOP JOHN CARROLL "FOUNDER" GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY * US CONSTITUTION "PEOPLE POWER"- CARROLL CHAIR OF IRISH HISTORY HERTFORD COLLEGE OXFORD UNIVERSITY - CARROLL FOUNDATION TRUST + CARROLL ANGLO-AMERICAN TRUST - FBI Washington DC Field Office + US Department of Justice Most Famous Trans-National Organized Crime Syndicate Case in History

Robert Fitzroy Foster FBA generally known as Roy Foster the highly distinguished Carroll Professor of Irish History at Hertford College Oxford.

William Hutton is the principle of Hertford College Oxford an economist and leading public intellectual whose career began in the City of London best known for his work in journalism as the editor-in-chief at The Observer from 1996-2000 where he continues to write a column. Willam Hutton joined the Work Foundation to promote a more balanced socioeconomic policy for the United Kingdom which in part is aptly reflected in his review ‘Fair Pay in the Public Sector’ which has just been published.

The Hertford College Oxford Senior Fellow the most eminent Dr Toby Barnard FBA.

Sir Walter Bodmer is a German-born highly respected British human geneticist. In 1985 he chaired a Royal Society committee which wrote The Bodmer Report which has been credited with starting the movement for the public understanding of science. Sir Walter Bodmer was the Principal of Hertford College, Oxford 1996–2005. In 2005 Sir Walter was appointed to lead a £2.3 million project undertaken by the Wellcome Trust at Oxford University to examine the genetic makeup of the United Kingdom. The project took DNA samples from hundreds of volunteers throughout Britain seeking tell-tale fragments of DNA that would reveal the biological traces of successive waves of colonisers — Celts Saxons Vikings — in various parts of Britain.

Sir Erik Christopher Zeeman former Principal of Hertford College Oxford who pioneered the establishment of the world renowned Carroll Chair of Irish History seat at Hertford College which is understood to have been one on the pivotal platforms for the eventual success of the Anglo-Irish Agreement and Good Friday Agreement which brought about a cessation of violence in Northern Ireland for the first time in living memory. Sir Christopher was appointed an honorary fellow of Christ's College Cambridge Knighted in 1991 for mathematical excellence and service to British mathematics and mathematics education.

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